Tips Before Getting Hairstyles and Haircuts


A modern man knows that his haircut and hairstyle have to be trendy and stylish. Consequently, he will change his hair often to ensure that it portrays the two aspects as much as possible. So, what are the essentials of getting your hairstyles and haircuts right? Well, below is a look at what you ought to consider every time you give the top of your head a change.

Ensure to get haircuts and hairstyles like classic mens hairstyles that correspond to your age. A fohawk, for instance, may give the cutest looks for a guy aged 16, but for a person over 30 who chairs a multinational company board, the effect may not be as you desire.

Work with your facial features but not against them when getting any of the mens hairstyles. The barber you frequent will tell you what will work and the options to avoid. Your facial shape and length are aspects you cannot ignore in his matter. You can take measurements of the distance between your cheekbones, and the width of your forehead and jaws. Also, the distance between your chain and the point where the hairline starts should be taken. Next is determining the shape of your face, which is as follows:

o A round face is characterized by a face whose length and width are almost equal
o An oval shaped person has the length of the face being around 1.5 times longer than its width
o If the length is more than 1.5 of the length, you have yourself an oblong face
o For a square-faced person, the length and width are almost equal, but the distance between jaws is widest
o Persons with the distances between their check being the widest parts of their faces are diamond-shaped
o In case your jaw is wider than your forehead, and you have a pointy chin, that is a triangle face

Only buy quality products for your hair by researching first before making purchases. In addition to getting the best haircut and hairstyle out of such products, your spending will reduce since you will use less of them to get the desired effects. One problem with knockoff is that you may use up a whole bottle and still get nothing, as well as an awful reaction on your scalp and the areas around it.

Give thought to your lifestyle because it determines how good you will maintain your haircut and hairstyle. For an active guy, you may want to choose styles and cuts that do not require plenty of maintenance.

Your profession will, to a large extent, determine your haircut and hairstyle. However, employers are more liberal than before since lawyers now have ponytails, and it is also possible to spot a banker with a shaved head.

Try to balance things, especially of you have features that are more prominent than others. A person whose ears stick out, for instance, should draw attention from them by picking a haircut and hairstyle that is long enough to cover them. The same goes for someone with a protruding forehead.


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